“Katarina is my go-to person for professional advice on both academic and behavioral matters. We benefit from her experience and knowledge. We don’t hesitate to ask her last minute for her to co-teach our classes, and we are also able, if we want, to observe hers.  Her adaptability and flexibility both as a teacher and as a person are an asset in any setting.

Katarina is an avid supporter of the four domains of language learning.  Her teaching philosophy and practice revolve around the connectivity and complementary relationship between these four areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening.  Her teaching resources ensure a balance between the different kinds of learners. She makes sure to pass on her methods and what works best with her students to her colleagues.  She always comes in with a smile, and is able to pace herself and not become overwhelmed in the tremendously demanding responsibilities of the sole ESL/EFL teacher in an international school of more than 300 students.”

—Lia Sinouris, American Community Schools (ACS) Athens


“One of Katarina’s greatest strengths is her passion for learning.  She truly is a ‘lifelong learner’ in all sense of the words. She is well read on effective practices in teaching.  She loves learning new methods and strategies that can be directly applied to teaching situations to ensure her students are more successful.  Katarina is also very well-traveled and brings vast experiences and a global perspective into the lessons she teaches. It would not be unusual to walk into her room and see her sharing pictures in a power point of people and places connected to topics of study in the Social Studies, Writing, or Reading areas.  Her enthusiasm for other places and cultures, as well as her depth of knowledge from all her travels, has enabled her to instill better understanding, perspective, and empathy for others with the students she serves.

She also works diligently and jointly with a team of colleagues to plan and prepare units and lessons. Her dedication and commitment to doing what is best for children is commendable. She is a caring, nurturing, and committed professional and has demonstrated competence as a teacher in all her experiences. She has spent many hours above and beyond the contract time to ensure that materials, planning, and preparations are completed so students can be successful in their learning. She is open to and has the desire to listen and learn from fellow educators and has shown the ability to foster positive relationships with whomever she works.”

–Mary Scarborough, Former Principal, Patriot Elementary School


“Katarina strives to provide creative, well-planned lessons that spark students’ interest and participation. Her lessons are enriched with varied activities for student involvement and student learning. She has the ability to present material to students in a clear and thorough manner. Her directions, objectives, and expectations are systematic and applicable to the age she deals with. She is comfortable grouping children in a variety of ways to maximize interaction and learning. She established effective classroom routines early in the school year. Behavior problems seldom arise because of her preventative measures and because of her clear expectations.”

—Kerry Simmons, former Cooperating Teacher and Colleague, Patriot Elementary School


“Katarina Gleisberg is a teacher that all parents should want to have teach their children.  She is a true educator in every sense of the word. Katarina is a very passionate individual and is someone that is a lifelong learner.  Not only does she teach her children the district curriculum, but Katarina instills in her students a sense of inquiry and wonder. She wants her students to learn about the world around them.  I know that if my children were to enter in her classroom, she would give them the care and compassion that every child deserves. I am grateful that I get to work with such a wonderful individual every day, as she helps me grow on both a personal and professional level.”

–Melissa Nelson, Former Teaching Partner, Patriot Elementary School