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Are you a teacher or student? Or anyone who can benefit from the calming, empowering effects of Mindfulness and well-rounded education?

Here you can find English Teaching Resources through the lens of Mindfulness.

–Are you looking for English Teaching Resources that honor a balance of all four Language Learning domains–Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening—while honoring the Multiple Intelligences? Check out my English Resources page.

–Are you looking for short, simple Mindfulness Exercises to bring calm, focus, and greater productivity?  Check out my Blog or Mindfulness & Motivation page.  

–Looking for teaching support? I welcome questions and ideas for new resources!



I’m grateful to be a regular guest on The Arsenio Buck Show, a high-energy ESL Podcast with practical applications for English Teaching and Learning:


Want more calm in just two minutes?  My Mindful Minutes videos are short simple, guided Mindfulness practices for all ages, geared especially for students!

Katarina Gleisberg, Mindful Teacher

Hi! I’m Katarina.  I’m an educator who teaches English through the lens of Mindfulness. How can I help your teaching & learning?  Read More


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